Solve the crisis in human resources: Talent Strategy Innovation 解决人力资源危机:人才战略创新 2014-06-03
《Interim Measures of social assistance》 from May 1 officially implemented 《社会救助暂行办法》5月1日起正式施行 2014-05-04
Shanghai adjust livelihood security standards effective from Apr.1st,2014 4月1日起上海市将调整部分民生保障待遇标准 2014-04-01
Top Ten Tips: How to help team managers to complete the task on time and quantity 十大锦囊:管理者如何帮助团队按时按量完成任务 2014-03-20
Harvard headmistress for graduates to speech: in the wake of the time, the pursuit of do you think the most meaningful... 2014-01-16
Candide is not necessarily a good employee 老实人不一定是好员工 2013-12-31
Beware of your office "manager flood" 当心你的办公室“经理泛滥” 2013-12-02
New approaches to the implementation of Medical Insurance next month-Highest overall fund to pay 340,000 沪职工医保新办法下月施行 ... 2013-12-02
Shanghai next year to stop people from moving into the city to settle class talent "collective households" 上海明年起迁入本市人员... 2013-12-02
Adjustment of Shanghai Social Insurance effective on Oct.2013 2013年10月起上海社保缴费比例调整 2013-10-11
Super adaptability: Inspiration from the hermit crab 超级适应能力:来自寄居蟹的启示 2013-10-11
Three steps become a trusted leader 信任式领导三部曲 2013-09-17
How to deliver an effective communication 怎样形成一个有效的沟通 2013-08-15
Engagement option: leave or stay in City? Social insurance give up? 就业选择:大城市留不留 五险一金要不要 2013-07-15
National People's Congress Standing Committee on revising the 全国人民代表大会常务委员会关于修改《中华人民共和国劳动合同法》的决定 2013-07-03

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