Exit and Entry Administration Law of the PRC 中华人民共和国出境入境管理法 2013-07-03
Shanghai Residence Permit Overseas Talent management approach 上海市海外人才居住证管理办法 2013-07-03
Five steps of personal advantage evaluation 个人优势评估五步骤 2013-06-20
Six trends to help you gain strategic outcomes 六大趋势助你收获战略成果 2013-05-14
Excellent leader ability and quality 卓越领导者的能力与素质 2013-04-17
Four pressure easy for people in the workplace physically and mentally getting old 盘点最容易让职场人身心变老的四大压力 2013-03-14
Leaders how to improve convincing capability 领导者如何增强说服力 2013-03-14
Half of graduates are most concerned about career development 过半毕业生择业最关注晋升发展 2013-02-19
What is SAGE 什么是SAGE模型 2013-01-16
Bachelor's degree lose out in the United States 本科学历在美正失去优势 2012-12-15
3 category of Social Insurance mutual will betransferred 三大养老保险将实现城乡衔接转换 2012-11-15
Look! How do headhunters filter resumes 看!猎头是怎么筛选简历的 2012-10-15
Network recruitment fell into massive information swamp 网络招聘掉进海量信息的沼泽地 2012-09-15
Eight truth HR does not tell you 人事不会告诉你的8个真相 2012-08-05
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